Arts & Crafts, Southport
Arts & Crafts, Southport

Our Services

A list of services we provide and have provided on site for our customers. If you have anything bespoke or are struggling to find a suitable sub-contractor then please contact us, we are always looking to expand our services. Anything we undertake is always completed with the same positive, pro-active, high quality and safe manner.


Diamond Core Drilling                                                     Waterproof coatings

Percussion Drilling                                                            Anti- Graffiti coatings

Stitch Drilling                                                                     Anti-Carbonation coatings

Cutting and Sawing                                                           Wall and Floor Chasing

Breaking/ Minor Demolition                                           Decorative/Bespoke Screeding

Grinding / Scabbling / Levelling works                         Resin Injection

Structural Repairs                                                               Installing Street Furniture

Cosmetic Repairs / Finishing                                           Grouting

Decorative Repairs                                                             Forming openings (window, doors etc)

Our Customers

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